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Coastal Breeze 10 oz glass candle - Big Sur, CA
Coastal Breeze 10 oz glass candle - Big Sur, CA

Coastal Breeze 10 oz Candle

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The salty ocean breeze and the blooming coastal orchids are calling your name! On the coast of California you will find Big Sur, often named the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States. There you will find yourself surrounded by the crashing waves of the blue ocean, the towering redwood trees, and beautiful flowers stretching toward the sun.

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About The Fragrance

Sea salt, jasmine, lily of the valley, wood, vanilla, and musk combine beautifully to create this smooth scent.

About The Candle Container

Our 10 oz glass candle containers are the perfect size to fill any room with your favorite candle fragrance. The sleek black wooden lids help your candle burn longer and smell stronger. With a 40+ hour burn time, this is the perfect size for any candle lover.