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Saguaro Candle in nature with cactus
Saguaro Candle candle tin 8 oz product shot Baja Mexico
Saguaro Candle candle tin 8 oz product shot

Saguaro 6 oz Candle

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Surround yourself with the warming aroma of the iconic Saguaro, a slow-growing cactus that can live to 150 or 200 years old and with as many as 25 arms growing from the base. From the sweet fruit of the local cacti to the floral blooms hidden across the desert landscape bring the beauty of paradise into your home with our Saguaro candle.

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About The Fragrance

Citrus, floral, coconut, sandalwood, and a light musk blend to create this uplifting scent.

About The Candle Tin

Our 6 ounces candles are perfect for carrying while traveling or for giving the candle away as a gift. Don't be fooled by the size this small tin can emits enough fragrance to fill a room and can burn for 30-40 hours.