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Texas Whiskey 9 oz Candle

Texas Whiskey 9 oz Candle

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Born and raised in Texas, the founder of Bluminary wanted to honor her roots as Texas Independence Day approaches. On March 2, 1836, Texas declared independence from Mexico and founded the Republic of Texas. While a few short years later, Texas joined the United States of America, the state never lost its sense of pride and the idea that everything is bigger and better in Texas, including our whiskey.

There is no better feeling than sitting outside under the stars sipping on sweet whiskey surrounded by loved ones. The warm vanilla taste, combined with the bitter bite, makes whiskey the drink of choice in Texas. Light this special edition Texas Whiskey candle as you wait for the cool summer days to come back.

Learn how to get the longest burn time from your candle. 

About The Fragrance

A handcrafted blend of saffron, clove, incense, sandalwood, smoke, and oak aromas. 

About The Candle Container

Our 9 oz glass candle containers are the perfect size to fill any room with your favorite candle fragrance. The sleek black gold lids help your candle burn longer and smell stronger. With a 35+ hour burn time, this is the perfect size for any candle lover.