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Bluminary is a candle and fragrance company influenced by the love of the outdoors and the travels of our founder, Lauren Costanza.

Lauren has been fortunate enough to travel from her childhood home, Dallas, Texas to California, across Europe, and throughout Australia. While crossing off bucket list items and spending time living abroad, her greatest joy in life came while exploring nature and photographing the world around her. Looking to bring the smells and memories of her adventures to life in her house, Bluminary was born.

Bluminary combines homemade products with fragrances from some of the world’s most magnificent destinations into the home. Now the smells of West Coast, Australian beaches, and the forests of California can come to life with the flame of a candle. Bluminary is a Los Angeles based small business that offers natural and sustainable hand poured candles with the goal of reminding people of the beauty in the world around them.

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